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-Red and Blue fibers!
-75 percent cotton 25 percent linen, same as real used money!
-High-Quality Print!
-Correct colors!
-Correct Seals!
-Correct serial number font!
-Holograms and Holographic Strips

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Frequently Asked

You can place an order through our contact form. Mention the bills you want and we will generate the full information and quality of the ordered bills. You need to confirm whether you want a fake or real document. Then we will send you a price quote. Upon agreeing on the price and terms, we will move to the production process.

We are the business for years with a 99% success rate. You can go through our website, testimonials and check the samples we bring to you personally, we receive a minimum order of 2-7 per day from our clients across the world.

Yes this 100% legit but sometimes illegal but our services are completely legit talk to an agent and ask many questions as possible but note the doubt will remain until you give it 

When we mail you the bills after you try them if you have deficulty with any you can send back to use and if we meet you get free trial samples

Using our new print and method of preservation theses billscan last for very long guarantee more than 3 years at top quality 


I had to pay a lot of overdue bills so i used my remaining $700 to order and buy some COUNTERFEIT pounds online. I wish i made that step a few years ago. It is so easy to pass that COUNTERFEIT money.
I just wish to say thank you guys. Am now a full EU citizen. I now have my EU Passport(Belgium), Birth Certificate, Id Card and Driver’s License. I may need some other documents from you. So i will definitely contact you again. Thanks alot
Roberto Miranzueta
I have not been able to to use all my notes yet but i am very happy still with your service, i will be ordering large by the end of the year , i heard you meet up with traders for large deals so i will like to meet up with the technicians very soon to discuss further about my proposal.
Sasha Fuand
I was looking for a professional seller for a long time. Of course it isnt easy to offer customers to order and also buy COUNTERFEIT bills online. Im glad i found this shop. they are 100% trustful.
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